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At Ward & Rasnic, P.C., there is no need to settle for less. Our divorce attorneys never back down from a fight and simply do not give up until we achieve the results you not only want but deserve. Our practice represents individuals and couples throughout Virginia and Tennessee in a number of family law issues, including:


Divorce is never easy. Aside from the expense and emotional frustration, you may be concerned about protecting your assets during the negotiation process. Ward & Rasnic, P.C. is here to help. Our experienced team of professionals strives to reach agreements that accommodate the needs of all parties involved. With a focus on quality, not quantity, we take the time necessary to fully understand your situation and provide you with options and services tailored to your unique case.

Child support

Although there are a number of options available for child support enforcement, your first step should be to call Ward & Rasnic, P.C. We carefully study your case in order to determine which options are right for your particular situation. We explore all possibilities and never settle for less than what our clients and their children deserve.


The major difference between child support and alimony is that alimony is typically much more difficult to enforce. Thankfully, Ward & Rasnic, P.C. is only a phone call away. Our team of attorneys can take your case to court and fight for that which is rightfully yours.

Visitation and custody

One of the most difficult challenges faced by couples seeking to dissolve their marriage is determining custody of their children. Each case is unique and there are numerous options you need to be aware of before coming to a decision.

Reach a peaceful conclusion

While the events leading up to a divorce may be frustrating, the divorce process itself does not have to be. Contact the Tennessee and Virginia law firm of Ward & Rasnic, P.C. to schedule a consultation and learn more about our extensive family law services.