A Virginia and Tennessee Law Firm Representing Self-Insured Entities, Insurance Carriers, and Their Insured

Defending the insured and the insurer

Ward & Rasnic, P.C. represents nationally recognized insurance carriers, their insured, and self-insured entities. Whether your case involves a personal injury or product liability, you can depend on our Virginia and Tennessee law firm for experienced representation in all insurance matters. We represent your company in such issues as:

Personal injury

The attorneys at Ward & Rasnic, P.C. work hard to ensure your company or company’s insured are thoroughly represented in personal injury disputes. It’s important to note that personal injuries are not exclusive to just slips, falls, dog bites and auto accidents. Stress and other debilitating emotions can also be seen as personal injuries.

Product liability

Just because you purchase a product from a company does not mean the consumer relinquishes all of their rights to them. Our experienced team of lawyers represent your clients in cases involving defective or dangerous products.

Medical malpractice

Our law firm aggressively seeks compensation in all matters of medical malpractice for your insured, including simple procedural trauma, delayed diagnosis, prescription oversights and advanced surgical injuries.

Corporate representation

Whether representing your clients or your company as a whole, you can expect only the highest level of service from Ward & Rasnic, P.C. Over the years, our veteran team has built professional relationships working with a number of the nation’s leading insurance providers, such as:

  • State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company®
  • Nationwide Life Insurance Company®
  • Allstate Insurance Company®
  • State Farm Fire and Casualty Company®
  • Nationwide Fire Insurance Company®
  • Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company®
  • Mercury Casual Insurance Company®
  • Progressive Insurance Companies®
  • Virginia Farm Bureau®

Help your insured take back their lives

Do not let the negligence of others harm your business or negatively affect the well-being of your insured. Contact our law firm to schedule a consultation and learn how we can assist you.